Comedian, Writer, Actor
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Abby is a comedian, actor, and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. She performs sketch comedy, comedic plays, and standup throughout NYC and is a regular performer at The Brooklyn Comedy Collective.

She is a casting associate for Stacy Gallo Casting and teaches Improvisation for Commercial Audition classes at One on One Studios as well as privately coaches.

Currently, she is co-writing (alongside Riley Taggert) and acting in a short film in August, 2019 entitled Check Please about a woman whose life is going the way everyone says life should – promotions, engagements, brunch, promotions, marriage, brunch – and it's horrifying. This isn't a mumblecore "aimless and quirky 20 something trying to figure it out", but rather a truly psycho example of how you feel when your life is everything you thought it should be and you still face existential dread every morning.

She is in post-production on a web series she wrote and starred in entitled Stop It to be released late summer of 2019. It interviews industry guests on the do’s and dont’s of the professional acting world interweaving sketch-comedy-think Between Two Ferns.

She is writing and acting in a web series with Laura Oberbeck shooting summer of 2019 entitled Breakup Bodies made up of fake instructional workout videos. It will showcase different characters with the deterioration of two instructors’ relationship and the rise in two friends’ wellness as the through-lines.

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